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Your personal AI assistant to streamline your patent preparation and get ready to grasp faster and draft smarter.

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Patent AI Copilot for Patent Drafting

Get ready to Draft Faster

Save hours spent on research! The AI assistant helps you gain a deeper understanding of inventions, even the most technical ones.

Time-saving Insights
Summarize lengthy documents quickly, providing you with essential insights at a glance.
Deeper Understanding
Automatically define complex terms to ensure clarity and precision in your patent drafts. Identify and highlight novel aspects of the invention, strengthening your patent claims.
Reduced Omissions
Spot missing information to ensure that every necessary detail is included before starting drafting.
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Strengthen Your Claims and Draft Richer Specifications

Never start from scratch again to draft your Claims! Use davinci as your second brain and get suggestions and angles you wouldn’t have considered in seconds.

Save time on drafting simple sections of your Patent Application with AI and refine them to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced Creativity on Your Claims
Get relevant suggestions for your claims, helping you enhance and expand your ideas effortlessly.
Alternative Formulations
Explore different ways to phrase and structure your claims, providing flexibility and creativity in your drafting process.
Faster and Richer Application
Accurately describe various embodiments of your invention. Import your drawings and generate precise descriptions to insert into your application.
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Iterate and Review your Applications with Ease

Detect and prevent costly errors and inconsistencies within the application.

Get alternatives to refine your application and propagate the changes across the whole document in one click.

Reduced Errors & Inconsistencies
Identify and remove inappropriate language. Ensure all figures are correctly numbered. Verify and maintain consistency in labels and terminology.
Stronger Claims
Check that all claims are fully supported by the description, enhancing the strength and validity of your application.
Better Collaboration
Use the review manager in Microsoft Word to highlight where you've made changes in the document.
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We guarantee

Security & Confidentiality

We ensure zero data retention and do not reuse your data for training purposes. Your data is fully encrypted and stored on Microsoft Azure, the most secure cloud provider for law firms.

Quality & Reliability

Our Machine Learning team has rigorously tested and validated all our AI models to prevent hallucinations, biases, and inaccuracies.

Productivity Gains

Let the AI assistant handle the tedious tasks enabling you to achieve more with the same resources and improve your realization rate.


How should I use the Patent drafting tool?

We firmly believe that AI is not meant to replace the expertise of a patent practitioner but shows it’s true power when used as an second brand to help you unlock creativity and make sure you application is consistent and doesn’t contain any costly errors.

How good is the generated output?

Our machine learning team works closely with patent professionals to ensure the tool provides the best first draft that reflects your strategy, angle, and style. This enables you to focus your time on iterating until you are satisfied with the quality.

How do you prevent Hallucinations/Fake content?

Our team conducts rigorous testing and validation of our models to ensure factual accuracy. Additionally, we have established a feedback loop with patent experts to verify the reliability of our content.

Can I upload examples of patents I drafted for the AI to copy their style?

No, the current state of AI doesn’t support this well, but you can set up your style (words, boilerplate, etc.) through various options in the tool and use davinci directly on your patent.

Do you store or access my data?

Our data is stored on Azure US or EU, depending on your location, with no human access on their side due to specific contracts within our unique partnership with Microsoft. Additionally, there is no human access on our side, and we never train our models on your data.

How do you ensure the security & confidentiality of my data?

We adhere to the highest standards of data security, including SOC2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications. Your data is fully encrypted, and we have a no-data retention policy.

What do you mean by no data retention?

All data uploaded to davinci can be permanently deleted from both davinci and Azure, and data processed through the API is not retained by the third parties we rely on.

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