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davinci is the AI assistant that streamlines the preparation and the responses to office actions.

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Office Actions AI Copilot

Prepare Your Office Actions

Save hours on painful deep dives into long documents and get the context of the objections in minutes to be ready to answer.

Summarize for better clarity
Summarize an invention, prior arts, and previous OA in one click to understand the context of past filings.
Analyze and Compare
Analyze and extract all the issues mentioned in the objection.
Summarize and highlight the differences and similarities between the patent and the prior art.
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Answer your office actions

Drafting a clear and convincing response addressing each concern is tough. Davinci helps you draft a clear and well-structured OAR to ensure the approval of the application and speed up its processing.

Identify the Right Arguments
Identify key arguments and aspects of the OA, focusing on the core issues that need addressing.
Get Suggestions
Davinci will suggest a variety of persuasive factual and legal arguments and claim amendments to strengthen and structure your argumentation.
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We guarantee

Cost & Time Efficiency

Reduce the expenses and delays associated with the manual preparation of Office Action responses.

More Billable Hours

Spend more time with your clients on more important tasks

Higher Approval Rate

Limit human errors and increase the quality of the responses to your offices' actions.


How should I use the Patent drafting tool?

We firmly believe that AI is not meant to replace the expertise of a patent practitioner but shows it’s true power when used as an second brand to help you unlock creativity and make sure you application is consistent and doesn’t contain any costly errors.

How good is the generated output?

Our machine learning team works closely with patent professionals to ensure the tool provides the best first draft that reflects your strategy, angle, and style. This enables you to focus your time on iterating until you are satisfied with the quality.

How do you prevent Hallucinations/Fake content?

Our team conducts rigorous testing and validation of our models to ensure factual accuracy. Additionally, we have established a feedback loop with patent experts to verify the reliability of our content.

Can I upload examples of patents I drafted for the AI to copy their style?

No, the current state of AI doesn’t support this well, but you can set up your style (words, boilerplate, etc.) through various options in the tool and use davinci directly on your patent.

Do you store or access my data?

Our data is stored on Azure US or EU, depending on your location, with no human access on their side due to specific contracts within our unique partnership with Microsoft. Additionally, there is no human access on our side, and we never train our models on your data.

How do you ensure the security & confidentiality of my data?

We adhere to the highest standards of data security, including SOC2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications. Your data is fully encrypted, and we have a no-data retention policy.

What do you mean by no data retention?

All data uploaded to davinci can be permanently deleted from both davinci and Azure, and data processed through the API is not retained by the third parties we rely on.

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