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We Answer your Questions
Q1: Can this be used for office action responses?

We are still in beta phase. If you are interested in joining our group of beta users, we will be happy to have you on-board! Let us know here

Q2: How can we ensure the confidentiality and security of information, especially considering the high sensitivity of patents?
  1. davinci is hosted on Microsoft Azure, the most trusted cloud provider by law firms. We also hold a Partnership with Microsoft to ensure human monitoring exemption.
  2. davinci matches the highest security standards, SOC2 Type 2, ISO27001, compliant with GDPR. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest (Protocols TLS 1.2+ & AES-256). Once the data is processed through the API, it is neither retained nor reused for retraining purposes. Data is strictly segregated.
  3. Our certifications and all the documentation regarding security & compliance are available on our trust center on this link.

Q3: Do you have an example where the disclosure is very limited?

The length of the invention disclosure is not an issue. Davinci accommodates shorter disclosures as well. Naturally, the more comprehensive the input, the higher the quality of the output.

Q4: How do you deal with figures from the inventors? And also generating figures?

You can upload the figures from the inventors and davinci will transcript them into your detailed description.

Q5: Can the system handle hand-drawn figures?  I often don't have my figures formalize until much later in the process.

Yes, as soon as they are clear enough.

Q6: What is the analysis of novelty based on?

So far, the analysis is based on the context (Invention disclosure, Conversation with the inventor). The priort art search is not yet effective. It will come.

Q7: Will the system transcribe an audio recording?  

Yes davinci can handle audio recording as well as video recording.

Q8: Is the draft application based on BOTH the invention disclosure AND the discussion/conversation with the inventor?

Yes Indeed. Both documents were used as inputs to create the specifications.

Q7: Are you able to provide draft claims and it will output the full specification and drawings?

davinci can assist you in suggesting claims (both independent and dependent). We do not aim to draft precise claims but to support you in the ideation process. This helps in avoiding starting from scratch, iterating on the formulation, and more