Davinci Releases the First Next-Gen AI Patent Copilot Word Add-in

New York, NYC June 26, 2024— We are delighted to announce that your trusted AI Patent Drafting tool, is now available on Microsoft Word!

This seamless integration into your work environment brings powerful AI features directly to your fingertips, enhancing your patent drafting process without disrupting your workflow.

Benefit from our exclusive Microsoft Partnership

Davinci is the only new-generation AI patent drafting tool available on the Microsoft Marketplace and hosted on Azure, the most trusted cloud provider for US law firms.

Our users benefit from our exclusive relationship with Microsoft, ensuring that your data is 100% private & secure so you can work in your preferred environment with confidence (0 data retention and reuse for training purposes, Full encryption, monitoring exemption…).

Key Features and Benefits

Get Ready to Draft Faster

Davinci helps you gain a deeper understanding of even the most technical inventions. Directly within your Word document, you can:

  • Summarize Lengthy Documents: Get essential insights from complex documents quickly.
  • Define Complex Terms: Ensure clarity and precision in your drafts.
  • Spot Missing Information: Make sure every necessary detail is included.

Strengthen Your Claims and Draft Richer Descriptions

Never start from scratch again. With davinci, you can:

  • Get Relevant Suggestions for Claims: Rephrase and structure your claims efficiently.
  • Generate Robust Drafts: Import your invention disclosure, claims, and drawings to create comprehensive first drafts of sections of your Patent application.

Iterate and Review Your Applications with Ease

Ensure your applications are error-free and consistent:

  • Detect and Prevent Errors: Remove inappropriate language, ensure correct numbering of figures, and maintain label consistency.
  • Verify Claim Support: Check that all claims are fully supported by the description, enhancing your application's strength and validity.

Interesting to see a live demo of the Microsoft Word Add In? Register to our upcoming webinar for free here!

A Word from Our CEO

François-Xavier Leduc, co-founder and CEO of davinci, commented: “AI is having a profound impact on the practice of IP law including patents, which has long been one of the most complex, manual areas of legal practice. We are proud to release davinci’s Word Add-In, the next generation of AI Patent Copilots, which adds the dimension of being embedded in Word. Since most patent lawyers spend their workdays within Word, davinci is easily accessible so attorneys can generate patent descriptions and office action responses with greater speed and convenience.”

We look forward to seeing how davinci can further assist you in your patent practice. Experience the enhanced convenience and efficiency of drafting, reviewing, and managing your patent documents directly within Microsoft Word.

Start your free trial today if you haven’t done it and see the difference.

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